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Air tightening systems

Air tightening systems

Innovation, practicality and accuracy. These are the features of Fiam solutions, characterized by high accuracy, extreme handiness and attention to ergonomics for the operator. Air and electric solutions ideal for working with high productivity and minimum effort. Modern solutions for every production field.



Screwdrivers/Nutrunners with air shut-off  - Straight models

Speed. Efficiency. Accuracy. The power of innovation.

Extremely reliable and accurate tools that, thanks to their innovative torque control systems with automatic and immediate air shut-off, guarantee very high torque repeatability in the presence of hard and soft joints. Important improvements of the quality of the assembled product allow consequent reduction of the quality controls at the end of the assembly process.



Air shut-off screwdrivers/nutrunners with pneumatic pick-up signal (ported) for tightening cycle monitoring - Straight models

0% error. 100% accuracy.

These screwdrivers/nutrunners with TOM computerized monitoring unit are practical and simple monitoring systems poka-yoke type (anti-error system) counting good and no-good screws thanks to the "screws counting" function. In case of high production rate you won't risk any missing screw




Air shut-off screwdrivers/nutrunners with built-in torque transducer for computerized torque monitoring

Air shut-off screwdrivers/nutrunners with built-in torque transducer for computerized torque monitoring

Joint monitoring. Everything under control.

When tightenings are difficult, these screwdrivers/nutrunners with TOCS-TC computerized unit guarantee an extraordinary quality and eliminate the possibility of error during the tightening cycle. Nothing will pass unnoticed: the tightening cycle and the torque values are monitored. Solutions for total reliability.



Screwdrivers/nutrunners without clutch

Versatility for any requirement

Pistol models are simple and practical: the air motor is directly connected to the accessory working on the screw (bit, socket). By simply fitting a keyed chuck these powerful screwdrivers can easily be transformed into powerful drills and tappers. Ideal for tightening screws with different diameters on different joints. Angle models and with flat angle head are indispensable when working in areas of limited space or restricted. AN models with worm drive due to their low speed and high torque values, makes them suitable for use in a wide variety of different applications, such as, for example moving (slides, carriages, on packaging machines for tightening straps, for machining, etc.). The tightening torque for all models can be adjusted modifying incoming air pressure




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