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Solutions for industrial tightening process automation

Components and accessories for automation

Components and accessories for automation


We have aimed to turn each one of your investments into a competitive and financial advantage

For design engineers and automatic machine builders, choosing Fiam components means:

  • having access to a wide range of components available ex-stock
  • choosing among innovative solutions, designed and manufactured to be reliable and long lasting
  • customizing components according to different applications
  • Take advantage of specialized Fiam consultancy about industrial tightening process for an accurate product choice 
  • To guarantee the perfect functionality of the final solution
  • To have a punctual and careful after-sales service


Circular feeders

Circular feeders

For continuous screw feeding

Fundamental instruments for semi-automatic or automatic tightening systems where continuous screw feeding is required. These reliable solutions can be adapted to many applications also with different working conditions thanks to materials used. The adiprene wear resistant material with which the bowl is coated, ensures high reliability over time and sound-proof working environments. Productivity is ensured by the high capacity of the feeders: two models with different feeding capacity are available. Supplied customised and commissioned.


Screw feeding and selector unit

Already assembled, customized and commissioned systems. Ready to work

Screw feeding systems which can be of two types, namely one or two ways, or from three ways or more, depending on the number of screws that are to be fed. Ideal to integrate systems in existing or future production (on machines and/or semi-automatic or automatic assembly lines). They are equipped with:  Circular feeder,  Overload sensor,  Electronic controller,  Selector (1 or 2-way) complete with air feeding inlets and air flow governors,  Adequate distributor for models 3-way and more,  Screw passage sensor for each screw shooting hose,  Limit switch position sensor for each cylinder,  Steel plate (base for fixing all components),  Screw shooting hose depending on number of ways. Supplied customised and commissioned.


Screw head

Holding and guiding the screw: for a perfect tightening

This component is required in order to hold the screw and guide it before it is tightened on the workpiece: operation necessary in order to enable the bit to lower onto the screw and proceed to tightening the component. Equipped with jaws which are opening to release the screw when the bit starts tightening the screw on the component. Extremely reliable as they are built with highest quality materials through precise and accurate machining which, together with the treatments, guarantee high resistance to breaking and wearing. Available in various models suitable for screw found in the market, these heads are customized on type of customers screw.


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