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Customized solutions

Customized solution


Household appliances

  • Automatic fastening of hinge mounts on oven muffle
  • Air multi-spindle fastening system to tighten motor stator for refrigerator compressor
  • Assembling automatically components for refrigerators
  • Automatic assembly of thermostats on heating element housings in small household appliances


  • Tightening of components for domestic and industrial door and window frames
  • Casing field: automatic assembly of frames for concealed sliding doors
  • Furniture industry: automatic assembly of office chair armrests


  • Automatic assembly of flanges on expansion tanks and final quality control

Industrial electric and electronics components

  • A 37% increase in productivity with a new self-feeding tightening solution
  • Automatic tightening unit to fasten special screws on copper electrical components
  • Electric components: a semi-automatic solution to assemble nuts and screws

Cars components

  • Automatic assembly of car alarm sirens
  • Tightening of speakers on plastic mounts fitted on vehicle doors

General industry

  • Automatic assembly of foot on children%u2019s rocking chairs
  • Automatic tightening of plastic baby-seats
  • Automatic depth tightening unit for fastening studs on industrial ball valves


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