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Solutions for industrial tightening process automation

Semi-automatic tightening systems

The right solutions to improve the productivity

When bench or line assembly requires the use of very small screws or nuts, time is essential to increase production. These systems for fastening with semiautomatic feed reduce the cycle-time and thus improve productivity. They offer an easy and continuous supply of screws and/or nuts and lighten the burden on the operator who no longer needs to pick up the screw or nut and place it on the screwdriver bit or on the piece.


Automatic screw feeding system

Automatic screw feeding system

A concentrate of innovation

This solution consists of: Easydriver screw feeding system, Autofeed air or electric screwdriver with patented FORWARD BIT STROKE to work everywhere also on tightening points where access is difficult or where space is limited. Particularly components are not damaged because the screwdriver works without touching the surface of the component. Autofeed air or electric screwdriver with TELESCOPIC device to work with high speed and optimum grip at different depths or on inner holes. Aside from guaranteening reliable tightenings and continuous working cycles with no screw jams, the version with 2 sensors controls the final screw height. All models are equipped with screw head that allows a practical rotation of the head in 3 positions at 120 degrees. Thus, the position of the head can be adjusted based on the encumbrance on tightening points. All solutions can be connected to monitoring and control units of tightening cycle (see catalogue).


Semi-automatic feeder for nuts

Semi-automatic feeder for nuts

Efficacy 'pick and place' system to reduce cycle times and improve productivity

For an easy and continuous supply of 5,5 - 13 mm hexagonal nuts. It consists of: vibrating loader unit, suction station, electronic unit for controlling and adjusting the nut feed speed. The sensor inside the suction station, activated by the socket on the screwdriver, drives a pneumatic cylinder that pushes the nut upwards to insert it in the retaining spring of the socket itself. To use straight screwdrivers with lever start ot nutrunner motors fixtured on cartesian arms or fastening slides.


Air screwdrivers with semi-automatic screw loading

Air screwdrivers
with semi-automatic screw loading

Screw loading and tightening in any direction

Manual air screwdriver equipped with funnel where the screw is loaded and held firmly by the jaws to be easily driven in any direction without being held by the operator. For screws of different diameters and lengths and a wide range of applications.



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