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Brush screwdrivers



  • Work efficiency, reliance, and stable goods for a long time.
  • The grip form based on the Human-engineering are succeeded in the reduction of design for workers.




Screwdriver for screw counter


  • Operates with the screw counter BLOP-STC3 to ensure that all screws are tightened. 
  • The screwdriver can be operated in ordinary and reverse directions as well as providing torque increase signals (after screw tightening is complete).




 Driver For Automatic Machine


  • May install in XY robot and it is suitable for an automatic assembly line.
  • Maintain the equality of fastening screw is always possible since its accuracy of the torque is stable.
  • Drivers are small and lightweight and they are suitable to use even in established work system.




 Driver for cell production

  • Cuts down on equipment investment and operational steps. It supports efficient work environment. No need for an AC power source or pneumatic equipment. Can be used in any kind of assembly situation or for breakdown of equipment for recycling.
  • In recent years, the trend has been away from large-scale mass production on conveyor lines and toward cell production for small lots of many different products. The Serusute 12 CD series helps realize the cell production goals of having each operator able to do all jobs and of minimizing equipment investment and operational steps.



Electronic screw tapper


  • Tapping tools for use in prebored materials. Rechargeable battery powered model available for working environments that require maneuverability. The externally powered models use the SBT-50 power unit.
  • A peerless line of tools featuring an automatic reversal mechanism that detects overloading and prevents tap breakage.




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Brush screwdrivers






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