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Brushless screwdrivers


  • Extended periods of highly precise torque control and superior durability lead to reliable product quality control.
  • Expendable parts have been eliminated while the design allows a long operating life with a vastly reduced number of operating problems and malfunctions.
  • There are no external carbon powder emissions, resulting in clean electrical parts and operating environment.
  • There is no heat generated by the motor, with no heat related problems with extended periods of use.The driver is also energy efficient.
  • It provides clean environments to the electronic part and office.



Screwdriver with a built-in screw counter



  • You can control the screw tightening count with one hand (1 to 99 screws).
  • Faulty tightening can be detected (e.g., incomplete tightening, jamming, cam-out, stripped screw hole, etc.).
  • A buzzer and LED warn pass/fail every time a screw is tightened.
  • Optimal for space-saving operations due to the integration of the screwdriver and the counter into one body.
  • It prevents human errors in operations! Supports accurate screw tightening and reduces the operator's fatigue.
  • A conventional external screw counter is not required. This realizes the low-cost introduction of new screwdrivers.




Brushless screwdrivers for automatic assembly machines (DC Type)


  • Simplified controls and increased durability.
  • Tools provide accurate torque for uniform fastening quality.
  • 11 different RPM settings available at both the high and low speed setting.
  • The BLFQ and BLFR versions are available for vacuum pick up, the new BLFR versions are designed for fasteners located in deep recesses and support the bit to minimize run-out.
  • The power supply can run the tool in reverse and switch between two speed settings.
  • Drivers have a round body to simplify mounting.



Torque Sensor Embedded Driver



  • Installed three functions of "Tighten," "Check," "Save"
  • Pass-guard "Tighten,"Check,"Save%u30FBInstantly determines if a screw passes or fails (OK/NG). (Items checked: torque and time)
  • All items can be checked at the same time as work is conducted.
  • Torque can be managed for each tightening procedure.
  • Can be connected to a PC for data recording.
  • Clear all the fastening problems such as insufficient torque, screw lift, tightened diagonally and provides reliable fastening system.
  • Work data can be checked at a glance.




Screwdriver for screw counter


  • Operates with the screw counter BLOP-STC3 to ensure that all screws are tightened.
  • The screwdriver can be operated in ordinary and reverse directions as well as providing torque increase signals (after screw tightening is complete).




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Brushless screwdrivers



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