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Peripherals and accesories

 Vertical screwdriver operating stand

  • The stand constantly keeps the screwdriver in a vertical position, allowing accurate screw tightening and preventing any faulty screw adjustments.

VMS-40 Prop 515mm (Compatible models%uFF1AAll the models except for VZ series)

VMS-50 Prop 615mm (Compatible models: All the models except for VZ series)

VMS-50VZ Prop 615m (Compatible models: Exclusive for VZ series)


 Pistol attachment

  • This attachment converts a standard driver to a pistol-style driver.
  • For Brushless Screwdriver
PAB-70 (Compatible models: BL-7000)    
PAB-18 (Compatible models: VB-1820; VB-3012)    
PAB-18PS (Compatible models: VB-1820PS; VB-3012)    


  • For Brush Screwdriver
PA-65 (Compatible models: CL-6000; CL-6500; CL-7000; SS-6500 A-6500)   
PA-18  (Compatible models: VZ driver Lever start type)    
PA-18PS  (Compatible models: VZdriver Push start type)    
   Except forVZ-1510, VZ-1510PS

 Angle attachment (HIOS Shank)

  • The angle attachment can be installed to the end of the screwdriver for screws that are in hard to reach places.

for CL/A series
ANGL-Z (HIOS shank/only lever start type)   
    (compatible models:CL-6000/CL-6500/CL-7000/A-6500)
ANGLX-Z (Hexagonal shank /only lever start type)    
    (compatible models:CL-6000/CL-6500/CL-7000/A-6500)
for VB/VZ series
ANGLV-Z-CH (HIOS H5 &5HEX only lever start type)    
    (compatible models:VB-1820/VB-3012/VZ-1820/VZ-3007/VZ-3012)
ANGLV-Z-XX1 (Hexagonal shank only lever start type)   
    (compatible models:VZ-1820/VZ-3007/VZ-3012)

Push start grip attachment

PS-1 (compatible models: CL-4000/SS-4000/A-4500/A-5000)
PS-1-ESD(ESD Anti-static electricity features)

Protect slipping of Driver Grip (silicone rubber)
   Grip Ring

  • Reduces operation fatigue by preventing grip slip.
  • Achieves stable operations by firm hand fit.
  • Protects the driver from shock, scratches and dirt.
  • Allows identification of the preset torque band and other variables by
        using combinations of ring colors.




Carbon brush%uFF08for brush screwdriver%uFF09

  • Both carbon brushes should be replaced at the same time.
Table of carbon brushes and Hios model drivers


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Peripherals and accesories


    Pistol  Vertical  for  Angle  Push  Protect  For  For  &5HEX  (Blue) GRIP-R10(Red) GRIP-G10(Green) Carbon  (Compatible  (HIOS  (Hexagonal  (Yellow%uFF09 GRIP-BL10  (compatible  (silicone  /only  515mm  615m  615mm  A-6500)  ANGL-Z  ANGLV-Z-CH  ANGLV-Z-XX1  ANGLX-Z  Anti-static  BL-7000)  Brush  Brushless  CL-4000/SS-4000/A-4500/A-5000)  CL-6000  CL-6500  CL-7000  CL/A  Driver  Exclusive  Grip  H5  Hios  Lever  PA-18  PA-18PS  PA-65  PAB-18  PAB-18PS  PAB-70  PS-1-ESD(ESD  Prop  Push  Ring Reduces  SS-6500  Screwdriver  Shank) The  VB-1820  VB-1820PS  VB-3012)  VB/VZ  VMS-40  VMS-50  VMS-50VZ  VZ  VZ-1510PS  VZdriver  accesories  accurate  adjustments  allowing  angle  attachment  attachment PS-1  attachment This  band  brush  brush%uFF08for  brushes  byusing  carbon  click  colors GRIP-Y10  combinations  constantly  converts  dirt Allows  driver  driver For  drivers  electricity  end  fatigue  faulty  features)  firm  fit Protects  forVZ-1510  grip  hand  hard  here Peripherals  identification  information  installed  lever  model  models  models%uFF1AAll  modelsCL-6000/CL-6500/CL-7000/A-6500)  modelsVB-1820/VB-3012/VZ-1820/VZ-3007/VZ-3012)  modelsVZ-1820/VZ-3007/VZ-3012)  operating  operation  operations  pistol-style  places for  position  preset  preventing  reach  replaced  ring  rubber)  scratches  screw  screwdriver  screwdriver%uFF09 Both  screws  series  series)  series)  shank  shank/only  shock  slip Achieves  slipping  stable  stand  stand The  standard  start  tightening  time Table  torque  type)  variables  vertical