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Stationary screwdrivers Integral motor


High-capacity Screwdriver SES-Series

With automatic screw feeding 

For automated assembly

  • Manual work stations
  • Transfer lines
  • Rotary table machines
  • Positioning systems (axes)
  • Robots

Further advantages

  • Tool/bit advance adjustable
  • Screw head rotatable through 200%uFFFD
  • High pressure, e.g. for threaded inserts
  • Automatic screw rejection when screw operation
  • Precise screw guidance

Control functions

  • Torque
  • Screwdriving depth
  • Screwdriving cycle OK/Not OK
  • Screw loading control
  • Special requirements
Customer's individual requirements
  • Nose piece set up for your application
  • For all types of screw-head including special forms
  • DC Motor with sensor-controlled torque and speed
  • Monitored controls for automatic operation
  • Large variety of options


Manual  Automatic  DC  For  High  Large  Monitored  Precise  Screw  Screwdriving  Special  (axes) Robots Further  200%uFFFD  High-capacity  Motor  OK/Not  SES-Series With  Screwdriver  adjustable  advance  advantages Tool/bit  application  assembly  automated  automatic  control  controls  cycle  depth  faulty  feeding For  forms  functions Torque  guidance Control  head  including  individual  inserts  lines Rotary  loading  machines Positioning  operation  options  piece  pressure  rejection  requirements Customer's  requirements Nose  rotatable  screw  screw-head  sensor-controlled  set  special  speed  stations Transfer  systems  table  threaded  torque  types  variety  work