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Standard screwdriver centres

Standard screwdriver centres


  • Conceived for manual assembly points and integration in
    automated assembly lines


  • Integrated ST%uFFFDGER Screwdriversystem
  • Work area 300 x 300 mm (300 model) or 500 x 500 mm (500 model)
  • 3 axes with free, simple programming
  • Simple programming of screwdriver system
  • Sliding doors in combination with the workpiece axis allow easy loading and unloading
  • Supplied ready for service



  • SES Premium or SML Economy screwdriver system complete with automatic feeder matched to your fixing
  • Screwdriver control
  • NC XYZ system with control
  • Machine frame with integrated electrical and pneumatic equipment
  • Cabin with sliding safety doors
  • Separate emergency switch


3  Cabin  Machine  NC  Screwdriver  Separate  Simple  Sliding  Supplied  Work  (300  (500  Economy  Premium  SML  ST%uFFFDGER  Screwdriversystem  Standard  XYZ  area  assembly  automatic  axes  axis  centres Applications Conceived  combination  complete  control  doors  easy  electrical  emergency  equipment  feeder  fixing  frame  free  inautomated  integrated  integration  lines Details Integrated  loading  manual  matched  mm  model)  pneumatic  points  programming  ready  safety  screwdriver  service Included SES  simple  sliding  switch  system  unloading  workpiece  300  500