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When you purchase a DENSO robot, included is a robot controller RC7. DENSO robot controllers are characterized by being compact and user-friendly. The best thing about it is that you only need one robot controller type for all robot models. In other words, if you have a 4- or 6-axis robot, the controller is practically the same. Owing to its modular design, maintenance and adjustment activities can be done easily and quickly.


The New RC8

The RC8 is the optional new robot controller for 4- and 6-axis DENSO robots. This is the world%u2019s smallest robot controller in its class compared to the RC7 (size of an A3 paper sheet). Its size makes it ideal for space-reduced production facilities that require compact equipment. The new RC8 is compact, extendible, user-friendly and compatible with the accessories of the RC7. This avoids you incurring unnecessary costs for additional or special equipment.


The world%u2019s smallest controller in its class. Ideal for space-reduced production facilities.


  • Small footprint: the size of an A3 paper sheet
  • 60% size reduction compared to the current RC7
  • Compact body: small enough to be stored easily in a small facility


With the new RC8 it is possible to connect to multiple devices and applications since it is already equipped with the Open Network (ORiN).


The new controller provides an improved Graphical User Interface (GUI).

  • The robot teaching pendant is equipped with the Arm 3D View
  • It is possible to check the robot motion on the display
  • The RC8 has a very similar menu hierarchy and screen elements as in the RC7


It is not necessary to incur in unnecessary costs since the RC8 is compatible with accessories of the RC7 such as teaching pendant, mini pendant, I/O cables, etc.)



The DENSO Controller is easy to use; extremely light, adaptable and highly intuitive. Key features of the DENSO Controller include:

  • Compact dimensions: 440 mm x 425 mm x 152 mm
  • Very light weight: less than 20 kg
  • Extensive variety of connection interfaces:
    • 1 x Ethernet
    • 1 x RS232C
    • 2 x USB
    • Mini I/O
    • Safety IO
    • Hand IO
  • Supplementary interface options include:
    • 2 x RS232C
    • Profi bus
    • DeviceNet
    • Parallel I/O extension
    • Ethernet/IP
  • Large memory capacity: 3.25 MB (10 000 steps and 30 000 points)
  • Memory can be expanded by an additional 2.25 MB
  • Utilises DENSO%u2019s proprietary WINCAPS III software for off-line programming, simulation and management of variables, I/Os and log-files


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