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Off-line programming, monitoring and simulation software

Based on DENSO's PAC programming language, WINCAPS III enables users to conveniently program, design, implement and perform maintenance on their robotic applications. The software has been created to provide a simple and intuitive system that includes extensive simulation features. These functions reduce the effort required to plan, apply and maintain core robotic exercises, saving time and expenditure.

Key advantages:

  • Off-line programming allows robots to be programmed through a PC without the need for a physical connection to either the robot or the controller:
    • Input information and change variables with ease and clarity
    • Import CAD drawings in standard VRML and DirectX formats
    • Click an object with a mouse and a robot end moves to the position immediately. Obtain the position data (teaching) easily NEW
  • 3D simulation of robots and peripherals allows you to achieve the following with the minimum of effort:
    • Plan the layout of automated workcells in a virtual environment
    • Verify robot arm reach
    • Determine obstacle clearances and detect potential collisions
    • Troubleshoot and debug programs
    • Confirm process cycle times
    • Save a simulation movie NEW
  • Remote monitoring
    • Examine workcell operation using 3D simulation, real time I/O status indicators and detailed control logs
  • Panel designer
    • Customise the Teaching Pendant display to your preferences
  • Simple calibration
    • Calibrate easily with simple calibration wizard NEW



Middleware for programming DENSO robots, peripheral devices and all your factory automated processes

This pioneering software includes two separate and distinctive interfaces for accessing and controlling devices on a network. One interface is used for the development of %u2018Applications and Case Studies%u2019; and the other is used for actually connecting to specific devices.
The Application Programming Interface (API) provides a common object model for all of your network devices, each of which can then be plugged into ORiN2 by creating a dedicated %u2018provider%u2019.

This separation of processes simplifies and streamlines the implementation of your programming procedures.

Key advantages

  • ORiN2 also provides extensive protocols for internet connection
  • ORiN2 provides the unified access from a PC to a lot of devices such as an industrial robot and a PLC
  • ORiN2 enables to easily use the distributed object technologies such as DCOM and SOAP, and it provides two standardized software interfaces, Application Interface and Device Interface
  • ORiN2 SDK enables to use a lot of programming languages such as Visual Basic, C#, C , C and Delphi supporting OLE (COM, ActiveX)
  • ORiN2 SDK provides a lot of utility tools which make it easy to create an application and a provider. Ex. Provider Wizard, CAO Tester

ORiN is available in 3 different versions:

Bundle version:

This edition includes providers for the DENSO Controller and allows you to write program code in standard languages.

Runtime version:

This edition of ORiN2 is similar to the Bundle version but includes additional interfaces for device options.

SDK version:

The same as the Runtime version but with the functionality to create custom interfaces.



b-CAP is based on Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

This control protocol enables connection to DENSO robots and peripheral devices using a PC, PLC or other device which incorporates Ethernet TCP/IP or UDP.

With b-CAP it is possible to control the robot directly by sending a destination position in short time intervals using your own kinematic calculation in real time.

It works completely independently of any incumbent platform (iOS, Linux, Windows, etc.) or programming language.

Key advantages:

  • Highly flexible and powerful control through PCs, PLCs or other applicable hardware device using TCP/IP or UDP
  • Platform and programming language independent
  • No requirement to learn a new robotic programming language
  • Real time control of robots


ORiN Vision

ORiN Vision is the extensive vision library designed exclusively for ORiN2 middleware.
The library allows you to directly program robot vision applications with standard high-level languages including C , C# and VB among others.

ORiN Vision provides many functions for image capturing, image processing (like edge detection, filters, etc.), image analysis (like blob analysis, finding contours, etc.), image interpretation and also for robot and camera calibration. Because it combines ORiN2 and OpenCV the library allows you to directly program DENSO robots and vision applications with standard high-level languages including C , C# and VB among others throw only one interface.

Key advantages:

  • Built-in processing functions use the OpenCV standard
  • High-level image processing functionality
  • The system is hardware independent allowing you to connect to any off-the-shelf camera regardless of interface (analogue, USB, IEE 2394, etc.)
  • Fast and efficient procedures result in short development times


Halcon Extension Package

HALCON from MVTec with Extension Package for DENSO robots based on ORiN2

HALCON software provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for machine vision and has become one of the worldwide industry standards.

HALCON offers a complete and powerful solution with more than 1400 commands for operations including blob analysis, morphology, pattern matching, measuring, identification and 3D vision.

Because HALCON is so widely used and highly regarded, DENSO has created a comprehensive, dedicated extension package to enable HALCON and DENSO users to conveniently program DENSO robots and control their vision applications through the same simple graphical interface.

This integrated development environment, which is called HDevelop, is intended for engineers with a thorough knowledge of machine vision. With our DENSO extension package for HALCON users can program our robots easily.

Key advantages:

  • DENSO robots can be programmed directly using one clear and practical interface
  • The DENSO extension package is conveniently and seamlessly incorporated into the HALCON integrated development environment, HDevelop
  • No previous experience of robotic programming is required


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