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Implementing a professional robotic solution is a substantial and serious project which can have a major impact on the whole of your business. Whether you are investing in a single arm, or a complete automated production facility, it is vital that you are confident in the potential performance of your installation.

Visual Components- the world's leading provider of 3D robotic and manufacturing software created 3DCreate which is a simple, quick and cost-effective software tool that enables machine builders, system integrators and manufacturers to simulate complete factory layouts in a virtual environment.

This highly innovative and powerful solution provides all of the functions you need to create new simulated components from existing 3D CAD data, allowing you to customise, observe and evaluate your industrial robotic applications in advance.

Key advantages:

  • Use ready-made robot models from online eCatalogue
  • Easy plug'n'play interface for layout design
  • Integrate robot cells with factory layouts
  • Parametric components suit various customer cases
  • Connect to an external controller



ROSY (Absolute Accuracy Calibration)

ROSY (Robot Optimization System) calibration kit for DENSO robots

Certain robotic tasks and applications require a level of precision and accuracy of pose that can only be achieved through more advanced methods of calibration.

The ROSY (Robot Optimization System) calibration kit enables you to achieve these advanced levels of precision in a sophisticated, direct and straight forward manner.

ROSY utilises a calibration sphere and cameras to assess kinetic errors. The resulting correction values are calculated and the control parameters can then be adjusted accordingly with a minimum of effort.

Key advantages:

  • The user can increase the already exceptional accuracy of DENSO robots even further for special applications
  • The whole process can be accomplished easily and is usually completed in less than an hour
  • Identical and accurate robot cells can be created quickly and efficiently
  • On-site calibration service


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