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Cartridge Valve&Spray Valves

Cartridge Valve&Spray Valves

CV629 - Cartridge Valve


The CV629 is a pneumatically operated valve designed for precision dispensing of many types of fluids, such as solvents, oils, silicones, glues, UV adhesives, inks, etc.  The system can be integrated with an automatic dispensing robot or used as a bench-dispensing valve. Avoid clean-up and maintenance by simply replacing the removable cartridge.

3-Way Valve Operation

The valve is opened by air pressure and closed by a return spring when air pressure is released.  Applying a minimum of 70 psi (5 bar) air pressure to the air inlet will open the valve.  Fluid is supplied to the material inlet through a 1/8 BSPP port.

Shot sizes may be fine tuned by the adjustment screw at the top of the valve; hence the CV629 valve is recommended for applications where micro deposits are required.  Shot size and flow rate are controlled by the tip size, fluid pressure and the duration that the valve is open.

The model DSP501N is a suitable controller for the CV629 valve. 

  • Aligned air and material inlets for side-by-side mounting
  • Stroke adjustment to fine tune shot size
  • Replaceable cartridge
  • Microshot deposits


SV1000SS Adjustable Stainless Steel Spray Valve

SV1000N Spray Valve

The SV1000SS spray valve provides close tolerance spray dispensing of fluids of up to 1000 cps. The SV1000SS is constructed of stainless steel to prevent corrosion from volatile materials. With a spray angle of 12 degrees and an operating frequency of 200 cycles/min, the SV1000SS is designed for spraying flux, urethane, paint, lubricants, and for coating and conformal coating and marking applications.


The valve is adjustable by turning the stroke-adjust control at the rear of the valve; this will tune the spray pattern.

Coating and flow rate are controlled by the fluid pressure, needle stroke, distance from the valve to the work and the duration the valve is open. 

  • Shot rate frequency of 200 cycles/min
  • Suitable for spraying paint, flux, urethane, and lubricants
  • Stainless Steel fluid body
  • Stroke adjustment to fine-tune spray area
  • Nozzle design prevents clogging
  • Designed for materials under 1000cps

SV2000N Adjustable No-clog Spray Valve

SV2000N Spray Valve

Fisnar spray valves provide close tolerance spray dispensing of fluids up to 1000 cps, including urethanes, flux and paints. The material is fed from a pressure reservoir. Each valve is actuated by air pressure sequenced by a controller. The operating air pressure opens a needle valve allowing material to flow; a separate air line creates pressure in the air cap, atomizing the fluid. 


The valves are adjustable by turning the stroke-adjust control at the rear of the valve; this will tune the spray pattern.

Coating and flow rate are controlled by the fluid pressure, needle stroke, distance from the valve to the work and the duration the valve is open. 

SV2001N Spray valve fine dot & bead
SV2002N Spray valve medium pattern

Spray valve fan pattern

SVC100 Spray Valve Controller

Spray Valve Controller

The SVC100 is a programmable spray valve controller providing the adjustment controls necessary for a clean spray application. By controlling the relationship (time) between the fluid start signal and the atomizing signal, it is possible to open each independently.

This feature is critical in ensuring that the fluid air line pressure starts momentarily after the atomizing pressure opens and that the atomizing pressure stays on momentarily after the fluid cuts off. This ensures adequate cleaning of the nozzle after the full spray cycle.

The SVC100 is suitable for all SV series spray valves.

SVC100-110 Spray valve controller 110V
SVC100-220 Spray valve controller 220V CE
Accessories (optional)
SV1000SS Spray valve stainless steel
SV2001N Spray valve fine bead
SV2002N Spray valve medium bead
SV2003N Spray valve broad bead

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Cartridge Valve/Spray Valves


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