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Dispensing Cartridges and Nozzles

Dispensing Cartridges and Nozzles

Cartridges & Accessories


Cartridges are available in 2.5, 6, 8, 12 and 20 ounce as well as 1/10 gallon capacities. Each size can be used with hand held or bench mounted air powered dispensing tools or manual dispensing tools. Cartridges are molded in either standard or low density Polyethylene.


Plungers assist in the prevention of tunneling with viscose fluids and provide even pressure.

Cartridge Caps

Top flange caps seal the wide brim of the cartridge and bottom caps seal the dispensing or tip end of the cartridge.

Cartridge Tip Adapters

Cartridge tip adapters







Dispensing Nozzles

Standard nozzles are precision molded from Natural Polyethylene and have 1/4" NPT male threads to fit all Fisnar cartridges or equivalen


Speciality Nozzles

Speciality nozzles are precision molded from Polyethylene and have 1/4" NPT male threads to fit all Fisnar cartridges or equivelant.













Cartridge Retainers

2.5 - 20 oz. Metal Cartridge Retainers

Heavy gauge drawnmetal retainers t

o accomodate all cartridges.











1/10 Gal. Cartridge Reatiners with Caps

The 1/10 Gal. cartridge retainers are made to fit both Fisnar brand cartridges and standard caulking cartridges.

1/10 Gallon Cartridges






Retainer Caps

Retainer caps provide a secure lock of the cartridge and metal retainer. Supplied with a femal quick connect and sealing ring. One Size fits 2.5 - 12 oz. retainers.

Retainer Caps






Connecting Hose

Connecting Hose






Cartridge Hand Grips

F350N Pneumatic Cartridge Hand Grip Dispenser

A pneumatic ergonomic hand grip designed for precision dispensing of sealants, potting compounds, adhesives and silicones packaged in disposable plastic cartridges. Engineered and constructed for rigorous production environments, the F350N is also quiet in operation.

The F350N series is available with retainers to suit 2.5oz, 6oz, 8oz and 12oz cartridges. Retainers are affixed to the hand grip via a quick-connect, secure bayonet lock feature, allowing easy cartridge replacement.

A selection of different length air hoses is available and ordered separately.













F950N Manual Cartridge Hand Grip Dispenser

A manual ergonomic hand grip designed for accurate dispensing of sealants, potting compounds, adhesives and silicones that are packaged in disposable plastic cartridges.The F950N is excellent for applying sealants, adhesives and other materials in remote areas where an air supply is unavailable, including field repair applications. The smooth-stroke handle is made of an engineered plastic for tough, durable, long-term use. The dispense rod is released from pressure after every stroke to help eliminate material drooling















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Dispensing Cartridges and Nozzles

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