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Dispensing Tips & Needles

Dispensing Tips & Needles

Tapered Smooth Flow Tips

Smooth Flow Tapered Tips are plastic tips designed to dispense medium to high viscosity materials such as epoxy, silicone, RTV, sealants, grease, and other adhesives quickly and easily. The tips are molded with a Luer lock polypropylene hub and have a uniform length that is flash free for consistent fluid dispensing.

UV Block Tapered Tips

UV blocking smooth flow tapered tips allow for the dispensing of medium to high viscosity fluids while blocking UV rays that may cause some materials to cure. Our UV block tapered tips are available in black and color with a double helix luer lock hub.

The color coded tips allow for easy distinction between gauge sizes and are molded from a high density polyethylene with a UV block additive.

Epoxy Sealed - Straight Cannula Blunt End Tips

Construction - stainless steel straight cannula epoxy sealed to a double helix Luer lock polypropylene hub. Polished burr-free finish for smooth fluid dispensing.

Angled Cannula Blunt End Tips

Construction - stainless steel angled cannula epoxy sealed to a double helix Luer lock polypropylene hub. Polished burr-free finish for smooth fluid dispensing.

Crimp Sealed - Straight Cannula Blunt End Tips

Construction - stainless steel straight cannula crimp sealed to a polypropylene hub with %u201Cear-type%u201D Luer lock fastening. Polished burr-free finish for smooth fluid dispensing. 
Sold in packages of 50 and bulk in multiples of 100 pcs.

Stainless Steel Single Cannula Tips

Sold in packages of 12.

Stainless Steel Twin Cannula Tips

Sold in packages of 1.

Stainless Steel Triple Cannula Tips

Sold in packages of 1.

Stainless Steel Quad Cannula Tips

Sold in packages of 1.

Straight Cannula Teflon Lined Tips


Stainless steel cannula with a Teflon insert lining that projects approximately 1/8%u201D ( 3.18mm) from the cannula. Teflon tips are ideal for very low viscosity fluids, solvents and Cyanoacrylates.  1.37%u201D (34.8mm) length.

Sold in packages of 50 and BULK in packages of 100.

Flexible Dispensing Tips

Polypropylene color coded tips for dispensing in hard to reach areas. Ends can be cut to remove any curing or customized to length. Suitable for Cyanoacrylates.

Micron-S Precision Nozzle

Dispense nozzles for high accuracy micro-dot dispensing. Micron-S nozzles have a Luer lock thread and can be used with any dispensing syringe, valve or pump. Super low resistance molecular fluid flow. Significant cost savings over machined nozzles without sacrificing placement precision or deposition accuracy.


A primary design feature of this unique Luer lock dispensing nozzle is the stream-line conical fluid path which delivers substantially higher fluid flow rates and lower dispense pump back pressures, resulting in improved dispensing accuracy and component life. The design also employs very thin rigid walls offering a larger I.D. fluid path which enables the use of smaller O.D. nozzles without sacrificing dispense rates.
Apticote Coating
Apticote 450F coating greatly reduces wicking affect when using aqueous fluids and significantly improves performance of anaerobic as well as UV cure materials. Material highly loaded with PTFE and is inert. Apticote 450F is a replacement for stainless steel. Minimum size 23 gauge. Call for Part Number and pricing
Micron-S Precision Standard Bore
Sold in packages of 8
Micron-S Micro Bore
Sold in packages of 5

Dispensing Brush Tips

Sold in packages of 1.


Fluid pass through dispensing brush tips for spreading applications with adhesives and other materials. Red Sable used for soft brush and Nylon for har

Brush Tips

Brush dispensing tips are available in hard and soft versions.


Sold in packages of 1.


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Dispensing Tips & Needles


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