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Hand-Held Liquid Dispensing Pens and Guns

Hand Dispensers

Finger Switches

Finger switches are designed for operators who do not want to use the standard foot pedal to control the dispensing controller. There are finger switches available for both barrels/syringes as well as for cartridges and retainers.

700PTPCW Dispensing Pinch Tube Pen

Pinch tube pens are ideal dispensing applicators for manually dispensing continuous beads or applying small amounts of low viscosity liquids. Examples include solvent dispensing, glue dispensing and cyanoacrylate dispensing.

 Disposable pinch tubes minimize maintenance
 Designed for low viscosity fluids
 Ideal for glues, solvents, and cyanoacrylates

AD93 Volumetric Hand Dispenser

The AD93 Hand-Held Dispenser volumetrically dispenses epoxies, silicones, glues and pastes. Available in two capacities, 35cc and 80cc syringe, with hot stamped sidewall indicators for dosage levels in cc and ounces. Shot sizes can be selected in increments of 1cc from 1 to 5cc.

Cartridge Hand Grips

F350N Pneumatic Cartridge Hand Grip Dispenser

A pneumatic ergonomic hand grip designed for precision dispensing of sealants, potting compounds, adhesives and silicones packaged in disposable plastic cartridges. Engineered and constructed for rigorous production environments, the F350N is also quiet in operation.

The F350N series is available with retainers to suit 2.5oz, 6oz, 8oz and 12oz cartridges. Retainers are affixed to the hand grip via a quick-connect, secure bayonet lock feature, allowing easy cartridge replacement.

A selection of different length air hoses is available and ordered separately.

JD927 Volumetric Hand Dispenser

A lightweight and comfortable dispensing gun designed for dispensing from pre-filled syringes. An effortless squeeze of the trigger advances the plunger by 1/8" (3 mm) dispensing an exact amount of material every time.

JC1015 Dispensing Valve Pen

The JC1015 dispensing pen is a hand-held needle valve designed for the application of a low to medium viscosity fluid. it is ideal as a dispensing applicator for manually dispensing continuous beads or applying microdots.

Autotube Dispenser

 Designed for use with the DSP501N automatic dispenser, the Autotube dispensing system has been engineered to address the waste and discomfort that result when dispensing from collapsible tubes.

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Hand-Held Dispensers

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