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Valve Controllers

Valve Controllers

DSP501N - 3-Way Valve Controller & Dispenser

DSP501N with 30cc Barrel

Featuring a larger internal air solenoid recommended for 3-way control operations that require an immediate and fast reaction for de-pressurization. Examples include: Valves, collapsible toothpaste-type tube, caulking, cartridge reservoirs and rotary-table operations. 

Suitable for all types of fluids, includes a suck-back feature to ensure low viscosity liquids do not drip. Timing interval from 0.01 to 31 seconds.


  • Valve & Dispense Timer
  • Barrel suck-back ensures no dripping
  • Large solenoid air exhaust

VC1195N - 4-way Valve Controller

4-way Valve Controller

The VC1195N is a 4-way valve controller that can be used to control one or two valves simultaneously. The controller is suitable for all valves in the brochure identified as requiring or optionally accepting a 4-way controller.

The VC1195N valve controller provides a continuous %u201Cvalve-off%u201D state and remains in this mode until a signal is received to switch to %u201Cvalve-on%u201D mode. This instruction can derive from a remote robotic device or by the foot switch provided.  When the timer is off, the valve will remain in %u201Cvalve-on%u201D state as long as the foot switch is pressed or to allow a robot to control the operation. When the timer is selected, a momentary pulse will activate the timer to open the valve for a programmed period and then close the valve automatically.

The VC1195N will deliver accurate and repeatable dots or beads for any application.


  • Simultaneous control of two valves
  • Timing interval of 0.01 - 31 seconds
  • Fast response internal pneumatic solenoid

SVC100 Spray Valve Controller

Spray Valve Controller

The SVC100 is a programmable spray valve controller providing the adjustment controls necessary for a clean spray application. By controlling the relationship (time) between the fluid start signal and the atomizing signal, it is possible to open each independently.

This feature is critical in ensuring that the fluid air line pressure starts momentarily after the atomizing pressure opens and that the atomizing pressure stays on momentarily after the fluid cuts off. This ensures adequate cleaning of the nozzle after the full spray cycle.

The SVC100 is suitable for all SV series spray valves.

SVC100-110 Spray valve controller 110V
SVC100-220 Spray valve controller 220V CE


Accessories (optional)
SV1000SS Spray valve stainless steel
SV2001N Spray valve fine bead
SV2002N Spray valve medium bead

Spray valve broad bead

RVC900N Positive Displacement Auger Valve Controller

Screw Valve Controller

The RVC900N controls the PDV-1000 series of auger valves and the model RV5000DPM disposable cartridge auger valve. The controller is programmable for timed shots from a minimum of 0.01 seconds. Motor speed output is maintained and kept constant, compensating for any change in material viscosity.

An adjustable forward and reverse time/speed delivers a clean cut from the dispensing cycle.

The RVC900N supplies material pressure to the barrel, adjusted via a regulator and pressure gauge. The digital timer can accept time intervals from 0.01 seconds %u2013 99.99 seconds. A reverse timer and speed control sets the amount of controlled suck-back at the end of the dispense cycle.

The controller delivers accurate and repeatable dots and beads for any application, whether automated or manually operated.


  • Simple to program
  • Eight stored programs
  • Auto or manual control
  • Constant motor speed
  • Adjustable forward and reverse speed
  • Adjustable forward and reverse time


RVC900N Auger Valve Controller 110/220V CE


Accessories (optional)
PDV-1000 Auger Valve

Auger Valve, disposable material path

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