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Magnification & Inspection Lights

Magnification & Inspection Lights


TEVISIO lives up to the high standards of the Waldmann product line. 48 premium LEDs illuminate a 6"wide-angle, distortion-free lens. Touch enabled dimming provides customization of the light output from 100% to 10%. Innovative balanced-arm technology (patent pending) allows for easy adjustment and precise positioning while six independent swivel joints turn up to 90 degrees in every direction. TEVISIO compares at 40% more efficient than conventional magnifier luminaires.



  • 48 premium LEDs

  • 6" diameter wide-angle, scratch-resistant glass lens

  • Spring-balanced arm for easy adjustments 

  • 3.5 diopter or 3.5d 8d magnification

  • Available in 31" or 39" arm length versions

  • 40% energy savings compared to fluorescents 

  • 50,000 hours maintenance-free LED life

  • 100% to 10% dimming by touch

  • ETL/cETL approved


The RING LED is the lighting solution for the precise examination of parts for a number of fields of application %u2013 from mechanical engineering to research and development. This workhorse of a light is all business. The sleek design is minimal and fits easily into any workspace. The luminaire head is less that %u201D thick and a mere 5%u201D in diameter. The specially coated, distortion-free Eschenbach magnifier lens reaches 2.8%u201D in diameter and offers 5.3 distortion-free diopters. Using six innovative LEDs provides critical added value compared to conventional fluorescents: four times more light per watt, considerably lowering energy consumption. These LEDs offer a minimum of 50,000 hours of operating life at 100% brightness level %u2013 maintenance free for over six years running 24/7!


  • Maintenance-free LEDs with over 50,000 hour lamp life

  • 2.8" diameter distortion-free lens specially hard-coated for scratch-resistance

  • 5.3 diopter magnifier lens

  • Soft-touch sensor on luminaire head switches light on easily

  • Gooseneck arm is strong and flexible, even after 20,000 movements 


Omnivue%u2122 features a distinctive fully rotational 3-diopter magnifier lens for precise positioning. Plus three 9-Watt fluorescent bulbs provide two settings for adjusting the light output to 18 or 27 watts.


  • Three 9-watt compact fluorescent lamps provide two light levels: 27 watts from top and both sides of the magnifier, or 18 watts of side-to-side lighting

  • Magnifying lens tilts independently of the light source for optimum positioning

  • 3-diopter magnifying lens is made from optical quality glass

  • Two optional Add-x lenses are available for additional magnification up to 15 diopters

  • Can be equipped with UV lamps

  • ESD models available

  • For longer reach applications, request our OmnivueMax model offering a 43" extended reach arm, ideal for production benches and workstations

  • An optional pin mount for production workstation bushing mounts is available

RLLE - Ring Magnifier

The RLLE Series is a conventional approach to magnification and inspection lighting. It provides 4 diopters of magnification and the most rugged construction of any "ring magnifier" in the industry. An optional snap-in Add-X lens increases magnification to 8 diopters.  This light is ideal for dermatology and cosmetic applications.


  • A permanent optical glass lens provides 4 diopters of magnification
    To increase magnification, a 12d bonded inset on the 4d lens is available

  • For even stronger magnification, a 4d "ADD-X" lens can be ordered for either RLLE model

  • A 22-watt circline lamp provides even light distribution to the work surface

  • The spring-loaded base contributes to adjustability 

  • A lens cover protects against dust and scratches

  • For longer reach applications, order our "Max" version offering a 43.5" reach and handy "pull" handle

  • An industrial-grade clamp is included

PAL Industrial Handheld

Ideal for areas where space is tight and light is critical such as aircraft inspection, on-site repairs, vehicles, boats, working inside electrical control panels, and HVAC repair.


  • Durable acrylic shield and rubber shock guard cap protects the lamps against dust and breakage

  • Removable reflector built into the shield guides the light in one direction to provide greater efficiency

  • New internal lamp guide makes changing lamps easy

  • A new generation 13-watt compact fluorescent lamp gives you high efficiency, excellent color rendition, and 10,000 hour of lamp life

  • Standard 120V plug-in operation







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