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Task & Work Bench Lights

Task & Work Bench Lights


This rugged work fixture offers a broad light output for workbenches and assembly workstations. Available in LED or energy-efficient T5 fluorescent technology, the TAMETO's sealed design makes it ideal for any type of environment.The light output is generated along the entire length of the luminaire, keeping the entire work area lit appropriately and the robust aluminum housing and ergonomic design work well in the modern industrial workplace. 

  • Various lengths for different table widths and lighting needs

  • Continuously dimmable with memory function

  • Maintenance-free LED technology with a service life of up to 50,000 hours and more

  • Up to 60% energy savings at up to 40% higher illuminance when compared to conventional compact fluorescent lamps

  • Lateral installation for a table system

  • Closed design for clean surroundings

  • Extremely robust aluminum housing

  • Premium workmanship in accordance with Waldmann%u2019s quality standards


TANEO is a sophisticated LED lighting solution designed to provide premium performance for a myriad of task lighting applications. With three available output levels, the TANEO can properly fulfill any luminance requirement. With high lighting quality and ergonomic handling, it is ideal for manufacturing, assembly or quality control procedures, as well as laboratory, electronic or metalworking environments. 

  • 12, 24 or 36 x LED 

  • Power consumption 15W, 31W or 47W

  • 4000K or 5000K color temperature available

  • Glare-free - clear or translucent acrylic prismatic lens

  • Anodized aluminum housing 

  • Spring-balanced arm with 3D head joint

  • Touch panel integrated in the luminaire head for On/Off and dimming

  • Wall power supply (15W) or table power supply (31W and 47W)

  • 100 %u2013 240V, 50/60Hz

  • 10-foot cord

  • ETL/cETL approved


This luminaire thinks for itself, switching off automatically after 14 hours and therefore preventing unnecessary power consumption. The Minela Industrial LED luminaire also features cleverly designed thermal management, which ensures high energy efficiency, longer service life and less heating up of the luminaire head.

  • Light and easy to adjust to your individual position

  • Switch-off and dimming with a light touch of the touch-LED

  • Intelligent Auto-Off function reduces power consumption

  • Maintenance-free LED technology with a service life of up to 50,000 hours and more


The SNE-136 provides broad ambient light to work areas and provides daylight illumination by incorporating a 5400K bulb. This multi-functional task light features a 36-watt compact fluorescent lamp that provides even illumination with maximum light output and excellent color rendering. An optional clip-on magnifier lens is also available.



  • Long 19" head provides 1900 lumens of light output

  • Built-in parabolic louver directs light precisely to work areas and eliminates glare

  • 5400K "daylight bulb" is included

  • 35" adjustable spring- loaded arm provides easy positioning

  • Built-in electronic ballast for energy efficiency


The STE-155 provides an extra large aluminum housing for maximum light distribution over large work areas and workstations and also features a 55-watt compact fluorescent bulb for bright "daylight" illumination. The long 24.5 inch luminaire head features a built-in parabolic louver providing glare-free illumination and precise light direction.

  • Long 24.5" head featuring built-in parabolic louver provides glare-free illumination and precise light direction

  • 55-watt compact fluorescent bulb provides true "daylight" illumination

  • 36" spring-loaded arm with built-in electronic ballast offers precise positioning for ease of use

  • Includes 6' cord with grounded plug

  • Durable, rugged aluminum construction

  • 120V standard power connection


The WD-213 is constructed with a cast aluminum head to resist the most aggressive metalworking machinery conditions and is IP-54 splash protected.


  • Articulated arm and universal base allows the light to be mounted vertically and horizontally

  • High impact polycarbonate diffuser protects the fluorescent lamps from coolant, dust, dirt, and chips

  • Gasketing with baffles at the diffuser, switch, joints, and base prevents damage to the lighting fixture


The SAM Series offers modular construction and design that is adaptable to a broad range of production processes. Compact fluorescent lamps ensure maximum light directed right onto the workstation.


  • Flexible lighting concept is adaptable to the broadest range of work processes

  • Can be used singly or in combinations

  • Light emission across the entire width of the luminaire

  • Absolutely glare-free due to micro-grid louver

  • Economical with the most energy-saving fluorescent lamp technology available


The ALE 458 offers bright, large-area illumination for inspection stations requiring precise color rendering evaluation. With precise optics and special color corrected lamps using 5300K lamps, the ALE offers the highest color rendering available from a fluorescent luminaire.


  • High color rendering performance for large areas

  • Evenly distributed lighting for large areas

  • Designed for precise color matching

  • Ideal for printing applications or manufacturing for textiles, paints, automobiles or for general material inspection













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