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Fume Extraction Systems


Tip and Volume solder fume extraction systems The V1000 fume extraction system can extract from up to 15 operators or can be used to filter fumes from automated soldering machines.

BOFA%u2019s high end fume extraction system combines extremely large filter capacity with high airflows and pressure. The V1000 fume extraction system features automatic flow control as standard giving consistent airflow throughout the life of the filters. 3 stage filtration, filter condition display, built in silencing and BOFA%u2019s %u2018Easi-Glide%u2019 filter location mechanism for easy, quick and safe filter change come as standard. This unit can cater for up to 15 operators as a centralised system or can be used to extract fumes from automated soldering machines.

  • Standard Features
  • %u2018Easi-Glide%u2019 filter location mechanism
  • Automatic flow control system
  • Turbines with high airflow and pressure
  • 3 stage filtration
  • Filter condition display
  • Built in silencing
  • Long life filters with low replacement costs
  • Optional Features
  • VOC gas sensor (Volatile Organic Compound)
  • Remote stop / start interface
  • Filter change / System fail signal
  • DeepPleat pre filter
BOFA%u2019s  %u2018Easi-Glide%u2019  (Volatile  /  BOFA%u2019s  Compound) Remote  Features %u2018Easi-Glide%u2019  Features VOC  Organic  System  V1000  airflow  airflows  automated  automatic  built  capacity  cater  centralised  change  combines  condition  consistent  control  costs Optional  display  display Built  easy  end  extract  extraction  extremely  fail  features  filter  filter  filters  filtration  filtration Filter  flow  fume  fumes  gas  giving  high  interface Filter  large  life  location  low  machines Standard  mechanism  mechanism Automatic  operators  pre  pressure  pressure 3  quick  replacement  safe  sensor  signal DeepPleat  silencing  silencing Long  soldering  stage  standard  start  stop  system  system Turbines  unit  3  15