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Advanced Package Rework System







System provides board capability with small board precision. This system performs precise, cost effective rework of the widest range of PCBs and component types, from large boards up to 24.5" x 24.5" (622mm x 622mm) to components down to 0.020" x 0.010" (0.5mm x 0.25mm).

The flexible APR-5000-XLS System incorporates dual stage pre-heaters and has the thermal capacity and control to execute precise profiles of both large and small PCBs, delivering uniform temperature control horizontally, across the surface of PCBs up to 0.25" (6.35mm) thick, and vertically between the die and ball of the reworked component.

Motorized X,Y,Z adjustments speed placement and help ensure process repeatability. In addition, motorized Theta axis provides 360%uFFFD rotation to simplify component orientation. Together, these advanced controls reduce operator fatigue, improve placement accuracy and provide process consistency.


Features and Benefits:

  • New dual simultaneously operating subzones provides additional power for faster and safer rework operations.
  • New software enables fast and easy profiling
  • New subzone design speeds up the process while allowing the operating
  • emperatures to remain lower protecting the component and PCB
  • Increased Productivity
  • Precise thermal control across critical assembly regions
  • Reduction of rework cycle time protects the component under rework from thermal damage.
  • Better management of the narrow lead-free process window without reaching
  • excessive peak temperatures that damage components, connectors, other solder joints and the PCB substrate


Product Comprises:

APR-5000-XL-ML Array Package Rework System with desktop PC and Monitor *

Also Includes:

  • VNZ-12 Vacuum Pick-Up Nozzle 12mm O/D
  • VNZ-19 Vacuum Pick-Up Nozzle 19mm O/D
  • VNZ-08 Vacuum Pick-Up Nozzle 8mm O/D
  • VNZ-05 Vacuum Pick-Up Nozzle 5mm O/D
  • VNZ-03 Vacuum Pick-Up Nozzle 3mm O/D (2.39mm/.094" internal & 3.17mm/.128" external)
  • VNZ-01 Vacuum Pick-Up Nozzle 1mm O/D (.76mm/.03" internal & 1.56mm/.06" external)
  • FSS-APR PCB Support Finger Short (8 included)
  • FSL-APR PCB Spring Support Finger Long (4 included with APR-5000, 8 with APR-5000-XLS/XL)
  • UBS-APR-XL Under Board Support
  • APR-TC5 Color Fine Gauge Thermocouples (includes 5)
  • 19782 Adjustable BGA Centering Nest
  • 20987 Adjustable CSP Centering Nest
  • 20534 Squeegee Blade Holder for Printing
  • SOFT-APR-5000-XL Installation Software


APR-XL-PHNK Pre-Heater Nozzle Kit includes:

  • Software, Pre-heater nozzle 50mm, Pre-heater nozzle 45mm, Pre-heater nozzle 35mm, Pre-heater nozzle, base
  • Tools Tools for Calibration & Adjustment
  • Cables Power, Communication & Video Cables
  APR-5000-XL-ML  System  &  (05mm  (239mm/094"  (4  (622mm  (635mm)  (76mm/03"  (8  (includes  * Also  0010"  0020"  025"  025mm)  12mm  156mm/06"  19mm  1mm  245"  317mm/128"  35mm  360%uFFFD  3mm  45mm  5) 19782  50mm  5mm  622mm)  8mm  APR-5000  APR-5000-XLS  APR-5000-XLS/XL) UBS-APR-XL  Adjustable  Adjustment Cables  Array  BGA  Benefits New  Blade  Board  CSP  Cables  Calibration  Centering  Color  Communication  Comprises APR-5000-XL-ML  Fine  Finger  Gauge  Holder  Includes VNZ-12  Installation  Kitincludes Software  Long  Monitor  Motorized  Nest 20534  Nest 20987  Nozzle  O/D  O/D VNZ-03  O/D VNZ-05  O/D VNZ-08  O/D VNZ-19  PC  PCB  PCB Increased  PCBs  Package  Pick-Up  Power  Pre-Heater  Pre-heater  Printing SOFT-APR-5000-XL  Productivity Precise  Rework  Short  Software APR-XL-PHNK  Spring  Squeegee  Support  Support APR-TC5  System  Thermocouples  Theta  Tools  Vacuum  Video  XYZ  accuracy  addition  additional  adjustments  advanced  allowing  assembly  axis  ball  base Tools  board  boards  capability  capacity  component  components  connectors  consistency Features  control  controls  cost  critical  cycle  damage  damage Better  delivering  design  desktop  die  dual  easy  effective  enables  ensure  execute  external) FSS-APR  external) VNZ-01  fast  faster  fatigue  flexible  horizontally  improve  included  included) FSL-APR  incorporates  internal  joints  large  lead-free  lower  management  motorized  narrow  nozzle  operating  operating emperatures  operations New  operator  orientation  peak  performs  placement  power  pre-heaters  precise  precision  process  profiles  profiling New  protecting  protects  provide  range  reaching excessive  reduce  regions Reduction  remain  repeatability  rework  reworked  rotation  safer  simplify  simultaneously  small  software  solder  speed  speeds  stage  substrate Product  subzone  subzones  surface  system  temperature  temperatures  thermal  thick  time  types  uniform  vertically  widest  window  8