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Hand Held Convection Tool, 230V







The HCT-900 Hand Held Convection Tool offers a low cost, versatile rework solution for a wide variety of production and rework application challenges. It has a compact, robust design comprising of analog controls for both airflow and heat. A closed loop feedback circuit controls the temperature allowing the desired temperature to be achieved and maintained regardless of changes in the volume of airflow.


Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile hot air tool for soldering and desoldering applications 
  • Robust and compact design 
  • Analog controls for both airflow and heat 
  • Closed loop feedback circuit controls the temperature 
  • Unique low noise air pump (less than 45 db) provides precise airflow control 
  • Fully ESD compliant


Product Comprises of:

  • Hand-held convection tool 
  • Handle


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