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MRS-1100A Modular Rework System







The MRS-1100A Modular Rework System is an integrated convection rework system for the removal and reflow of BGA/CSP and SMT components. The MRS-1100A is comprised of a hand held convection tool, preheater, adjustable tool holder, and free-standing board holder to create a manually assisted rework system. A series of nozzles, targeting a variety of applications, and optional light magnifier round out the product offering for this system. With standard features such as programmability, a digital display, program storage of up to 50 profiles, this system is not only versatile, but also easy and efficient to work with. A choice of board holders and accessories are available that make the system capable of handling multiple sizes of PCBs. The MRS-1100A allows you the choice of using either the embedded profiling capability that can be configured to operate at a fixed temperature, or a four zone programming option. The unit also allows the temperature to be controlled either at the heat output (internal) or at the board (external). The %u201Cexternal%u201D control function uses a thermocouple which can be placed on the board or a component.

Features and Benefits:

  • Digital display for repeatable temperature settings and profile control
  • Automatic control of the preheater for simple operation
  • Easy profile creation for operator repeatability
  • Integrated vacuum pickup for easy component removal
  • Hand held or tool holder mounted for operator comfort
  • Manual mode for quick setup
  • External thermocouple for process setup and verification
  • Digital controlled airflow for repeatable results
  • X, Y, Z and Theta controls for component alignment < li>Adjustable PCB holder for easy change outs
  • Automatic vacuum lift off at the end of the cycle
  • Password lockout of programmed profiles

Product Comprises:

  • HCT-1000 Programmable Hand Held Convection Tool
  • PCT-1000 Programmable Pre-heater 
  • ATH-1100A Adjustable Tool Holder 
  • BH-2000 Board Holder


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