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NEW MX-500DS Soldering / Desoldering System







Metcal%u2019s MX-500 Soldering and Rework System has been reimagined, adding features and a new look to a bench top icon.


The system utilizes SmartHeat%uFFFD Technology, wherein each cartridge is equipped with a self-regulating heater which %u2018senses%u2019 its own temperature and closely maintains its pre-set idle temperature for the life of the heater-tip. The tip temperature is determined by the inherent metallurgical properties of the heater; no external adjustment or equipment is required. The MX-500 retains switchable dual port, 40W operation while introducing numerous new features in a new housing.


    %u2022    Integrated Power Indication Meter: a built in net power meter which will display a graphical and numerical representation of the power applied to the cartridge.

    %u2022    User Programmable PowerSave Mode: the time to enter PowerSave Mode is adjustable from 10 to 120 minutes.

    %u2022    Ground Fault Interrupt: AC ground monitor detects power line ground failures and immediately alerts the operator and shuts down the system. Only after the power line ground has been restored, can the MX-500 be restarted and soldering operations can be resumed.

    %u2022    Universal Power Supply: automatically senses the input line voltage and adjusts accordingly, which allows for worldwide operation without adaptors or a change in performance.

    %u2022    Compatibility with all MX products: the MX-500 redesign allows full compatibility with existing and previous MX upgrade kits, tip-cartridges, hand-pieces and accessories.

    %u2022    Greater process control with SmartHeat%uFFFD Technology

    %u2022    Reduced space requirements

  • MX-500DS Soldering / Desoldering System includes:Power supply
  • MX-RM3E soldering and rework hand-piece with cartridge removal pad
  • WS1 sleeper workstand for the RM3E
  • MX-DS1 Desoldering Gun with cartridge removal pad
  • MX-W5DS Tip Saver workstand for the MX-DS1
  • MX-RM8E: Desoldering Cord
  • MX-DAH4: ESD Air Hose with Fitting
  • AC-CB1: Cleaning Brush
  • AC-CB2: Tube Cleaning Brush
  • MX-DCF1: Chamber Liner and Filter Pack
  • AC-TC: Desoldering Tip Cleaner

  NOTE: Requires 60-100PSI of shop air


Tips / Cartridges Series compatible with this system

STTC Soldering Cartridges

%u2028%u2028SMTC Rework Cartridges%u2028%u2028%u2028

 %u2028STDC Desoldering Cartridges%u2028%u2028%u2028


    Metcal%u2019s  FEATURES  %u2018senses%u2019  %u2022  /  40W  60-100PSI  AC  Air  BENEFITS  Brush AC-CB2  Brush MX-DCF1  Cartridges  Cartridges %u2028%u2028SMTC  Cartridges%u2028%u2028%u2028  Cartridges%u2028%u2028%u2028 %u2028STDC  Chamber  Cleaner  Cleaning  Compatibility  Cord MX-DAH4  Desoldering  ESD  Fault  Filter  Fitting AC-CB1  Greater  Ground  Gun  Hose  Indication  Integrated  Interrupt  Liner  MX  MX-500  MX-500DS  MX-DS1 MX-RM8E  Meter  Mode  NOTE  Pack AC-TC  Power  PowerSave  Programmable  RM3E MX-DS1  Reduced  Requires  Rework  Saver  Series  SmartHeat%uFFFD  Soldering  Supply  System  Technology  Technology  Tip  Tube  Universal  User  accessories  adaptors  adding  adjustable  adjustment  adjusts  air Tips  alerts  applied  automatically  bench  built  cartridge  cartridge  change  closely  compatibility  compatible  control  detects  determined  display  dual  enter  equipment  equipped  existing  external  failures  features  full  graphical  ground  hand-piece  hand-pieces  heater  heater-tip  housing  icon The  idle  immediately  includesPower  inherent  input  introducing  kits  life  line  maintains  metallurgical  meter  minutes  monitor  net  numerical  numerous  operation  operations  operator  pad MX-W5DS  pad WS1  performance  port  power  pre-set  previous  process  products  properties  redesign  reimagined  removal  representation  required  requirements MX-500DS  restarted  restored  resumed  retains  rework  self-regulating  senses  shop  shuts  sleeper  soldering  space  supply MX-RM3E  switchable  system  system STTC  temperature  time  tip  tip-cartridges  top  upgrade  utilizes  voltage  workstand  worldwide  10  120