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Leica ES2

The Leica ES2 is the perfect solution for the high-school market.

This new Leica educational stereomicroscope combines superb optical and illumination quality with ease of use and comfort for extended use.

The rugged design is completely maintenance-free and is built for school environments and the lead-free optics and recyclable housing satisfy environmental management requirements.


Leica EZ4

The Leica EZ4 educational stereomicroscope with 4.4:1 zoom for entry level university and college courses such as biology, anatomy and chemistry provides over 20 years of bright LED illumination which saves time and cost of replacement bulbs.

7-way LED illumination system provides incident, oblique and transmitted light for high quality illumination and contrast of any application.  Greenough optical system provides a 3 dimensional view of sample.


Leica EZ4 HD

Leica EZ4 HD stereo microscope offers high quality 4.4:1 zoom for university and college courses such as biology, anatomy and chemistry and provides over 20 years of bright LED illumination. 

The 7 LEDs provide transmitted, incident and oblique light for high quality illumination and contrast of any application. The integrated High Definition digital camera offers a fast live Image on a computer screen or HD Display transforming a stereomicroscope into a USB microscope. It captures 3 Mpixel color images directly onto SD card or Windows or Mac computer. The intuitive Imaging software allows for easy fine tuning, capture, and archiving of images. The Leica LAS EZ software also allows for basic annotation and measurements.


Leica S4 E

The Leica S4 E with Greenough optical system and 4.8:1 zoom provides large field of view up to 36.5mm, which is ideal for inspection, assembly and repair (i.e. PCB board).

The optional ErgoLenses with adjustable working distance help increase productivity, reduce fatigue related inspection errors and acquire precise positioning for specific application. Stereomicroscope eye tubes with ergonomic 38viewing angles provide user comfort when working with basic, incident or transmitted light. The compact design is very user friendly. An optional image rotator allows easy observation of 3D specimens with a3D specimens 45 angle, which reduces sample handling and improves inspection times.



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