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Leica ErgoTube 10 - 50

Leica%u2019s most popular ergonomic accessory, the Leica ErgoTube10 - 50 is the best way to accessorize any Leica M-series stereomicroscope and is the perfect tool for multi-user workstations.

Article No: 10450158

Leica Inclined binocular tube 45

A well designed work environment can improve the motivation and performance. When correctly applied, ergonomically designed instrumentation can make a strong contribution to increase productivity and improve profitability.

Fits to ErgoModules and to accessories such as video-/phototubes, drawing tubes, or coaxial illuminators.

Article No: 10445619

Leica ErgoTube 45

When you cannot get closer to the stereomicroscope, let the ErgoTube 45 bring the microscope closer to you!

The long eyepiece tubes displace the viewing point 65 mm upwards and 65 mm towards the observer.

It allows the observer to maintain proper upright posture and to move the eyepieces closer when the scope is in a bio-clean hood or must be positioned far from the edge of the workbench.

Article No: 10450156

Leica Trinocular ErgoTube 5 - 45

The Leica Trinocular ErgoTube (5 - 45 observation angle) provides a wide range of adjustment options to provide a comfortable, relaxed seated position at the microscope.

The Leica ErgoTube is designed to provide maximum comfort for all users, especially during long hours of work at the microscope. The built in photo port offers an option to integrate any of the Leica DFC series digital cameras.

Article No: 10450044

Leica Straight binocular tube

Ideal solution - best possible adaptation of the instrument to the user with the greatest possible comfort of use.

Provides horizontal viewing if the stereomicroscope is fitted in a tilted position to the swinging-arm stand or to a bonder.

Article No: 10450157

Leica ErgoModule 50 mm

The ErgoModule 50 mm enables tall observers to sit at low stereomicroscopes without adopting a hunched position.

It raises the location of the eyepieces by 50 mm, so that the user can sit upright and be appreciably more comfortable.

Article No: 10450303

Leica ErgoModule 30 - 120 mm

The Leica ErgoModule 30 mm - 120 mm "stretches" low-built stereomicroscopes (e.g. Leica M50 or Leica MZ6) allowing even tall users to sit and observe comfortably.

It enables users with different heights to use the same stereomicroscope but to adjust the viewing height between 30 mm and 120 mm.

Article No: 10446171

Leica ErgoWedge 5 - 25

The Leica ErgoWedge allows users to custom-build an ergonomic stereomicroscope with the choice of 3 different binocular tube options. Most commonly, this ergonomic accessory is coupled with the Leica Inclined Binocular Tube 45%uFFFD allowing viewing angles of 20 to 40 or 50 to 70.

Article No: 10446123

Leica ErgoWedge 15

The Leica ErgoWedge%u2122 15 enables the tilt range of the various binocular tubes to be extended in accordance with the task, the outfit, and personal requirements.

A fixed intermediate piece with which the angular tilt range of the various binocular tubes can be extended by 15 both upwards and downwards. Improved viewing conditions with various outfits.

Article No: 10346910

Leica ErgoRest

The Leica ErgoRest%u2122 armrest enables precise, fatigue-free work at the stereo microscope. The armrest features two resting levels on the stand to support the arms during focusing or working with a Petri dish.

Article No: 10447431












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