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Leica SFL100

The Leica SFL100 boosts the efficiency of fluorescence microscopy in pathology, cytology, microbiology, and many other fields.

This compact, attractively priced fluorescence illumination source is ideal for FITC applications as used in immunohistochemistry, for example.  Operation is very easy, and comfortable: No centering of the LED is needed, and fast on-/off-switching without any waiting time is speeding up the workflow.


Leica EL6000

The Leica EL6000 external light source for enhanced fluorescence imaging connects via a liquid light guide to all Leica Microsystems%u2019 upright, inverted, and stereo microscopes.

The Leica EL6000 keeps heat away from the specimen and microscope and uses an alignment-free, mercury metal halide bulb with an extremely long lifetime of more than 2000 hours.

This reduces operating costs and saves the time it takes for centering lamp housings. The Leica EL6000 has an integrated fast shutter, which is fully supported by the Leica LAS AF software.


Leica M205 FA

Stereo microscopy has its optical limitations. Leica Microsystems has managed to overcome them with a revolutionary optical concept. By incorporating the patented FusionOptics%u2122 technology the Leica M205 FA is the world%u2019s first fluorescence stereo microscope with a 20.5:1 zoom to achieve an optical resolution of 0.952 m.

The patented TripleBeam%u2122 technology ensures crisp images with strong fluorescence signals against a perfect black background, the full apochromatic correction prevents chromatic aberrations.

The Leica M205 FA is a coded and motorized microscope.


Leica AF6000 Modular Systems


The Leica AF6000 advanced fluorescence imaging systems are ideal for applications in fluorescence microscopy and image analysis including live cell time-lapse experiments, multi-positioning, z-stacking and deconvolution.

The versatile, fully integrated solutions offer harmony between hardware and software and combine the ultimate speed, reliability, and facilities for experiment design, analysis, and operational convenience.

For highly demanding applications, the Leica AF6000 offers high-speed acquisition, TIRF, Fura2, FRET SE, Screening, Ca2 and ratio imaging, and peripheral triggering.


Leica M165 FC

The Leica M165 FC fully apochromatic corrected stereo microscope with 16.5:1 zoom optics resolves structures down to 1.1 micron for detailed fluorescent imaging.

Image coding allows easy, convenient reproduction of image settings and parameters for fast, consistent, high quality observation and documentation.

TripleBeamTM technology dedicates a separate beam channel for fluorescence illumination to enhance image contrast, details and intensity for better performance.


Leica MZ10 F

The Leica MZ10 F modular stereo microscope with 8x-80x magnification and 375 Lp/mm high resolution provides triple beam technology, which designates a separate beam path specifically for fluorescent illumination for high contrast and detailed fluorescent imaging.

With the FluoIII rapid filter changer, which allows fast interchange between triple beam standard or custom filter sets, the Leica MZ10 F is the ideal tool for fluorescence applications such as gene expression studies or developmental biology applications.


Leica MacroFluo

The Leica MacroFluo, an on-axis macro documentation system with the Leica Z6 APO 6:1 or Leica Z16 APO 16:1 zoom optics combines large field of view and large working distance for parallax-free documentation.

The coaxial fluorescence illuminator provides bright, high quality, homogeneous fluorescence illumination even at low magnifications, which is ideal for applications such as gene expression in zebrafish or Xenopus, and soil or plant cell analysis.













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