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WAVE LED Magnifiers

Luxo%u2019s newest, and most energy-efficient addition to it%u2019s growing line of WAVE Plus Magnifiers. Now with two dimmable 6W LED lightsources which allow individual left/right lighting control and an auto shut-off feature to further ensure energy savings.


Luxo's newest, and most energy-efficient, addition to its growing line of KFM Magnifiers. Now with a dimmable 9W LED lightsource which produces 2500 lux at 12%u201D working distance, it produces nearly 75% greater light output than traditional KFM models.

Wave Plus 5D Magnifiers

the industry's first 5-diopter true rectangular lensed magnifier. These magnifiers feature a 5-diopter (2.25X) lens with a 8%u201D focal length and a 6.75%u201D x 4.5%u201D distortion-free viewing area. Two 13-watt compact fluorescent lamps with individual lamp switching. Blue indicator lights are located on either side of the magnifier head. UL/CUL listed. Standard or ESD-Safe models available.

Wave Plus Magnifiers

- the industry's first rectangular lensed illuminated magnifiers. These magnifiers feature a 3.5-diopter (1.88X) lens with a 12%u201D focal length and a 6.75%u201D x 4.5%u201D distortion-free viewing area. Two 13-watt compact fluorescent lamps with individual lamp switching. Blue indicator lights are located on either side of the magnifier head. UL/CUL listed. Standard, ESD-Safe or UV models available.

KFM Magnifiers

- the world's number one magnification system. As the most widely used magnification system, the KFM Series offers the greatest selection of primary and secondary lenses and is backed by more options and quality features than any other illuminated magnfiier. KFM Magnifiers are well equipped to handle any magnifying challenge. ESD-Safe Models also available.

JFM Magnifiers

- Luxo's newest high-quality illuminated magnifiers. Like the WAVE Plus Magnifiers, manufactured in Europes, JFM Magnifiers are an ideal medium-duty magnifiers for inspection, assembly and rework applications.

IFM Magnifiers

- ideal light-duty magnifiers for low-power inspection. With a sturdy, stamped steel shade, these magnifiers feature a 5" diameter, 3-diopter (1.75X) or 5-diopter (2.25X) lens and choice of 45" or 30" arm lengths. IFM Magnifiers are a smart, economical choice for tight budgets.


The LFM LED Magnifier

is Luxo%u2019s most cost-effective addition to its growing line of LED Magnifiers. 9.5W dimmable LEDs (with a total power consumption of 10W) with a 4000%u25E6K color temperature guarantees both energy savings and accurate color rendition. A die-cast aluminum housing and choice of 5%u201D diameter 3- (1.75X) or 5-diopter (2.25X) lenses ensures the LFM LED Magnifier is well-equipped for any inspection or assembly application. 45%u201D or 30%u201D heavy-duty internal-spring K-arm and edge clamp or weighted base mount. Color: Light Grey.

Handheld UV Magnifier

- perfect for the inspection of conformal coatings. Coatings glow brilliantly under UV black illumination especially when magnified through a 5-diopter (2.25X) optical-quality glass lens. Unique combination of (2) 4W UV black bulbs and (2) 4W fluorescent white bulbs is also ideal for the inspection of welds, solder joints, flux residues and hairline stress cracks.


- now combining sleek styling and high-output illumination with a newly redesigned metal housing. The highly flexible, self-balancing shade allows the lamp head to be positioned horizontally, vertically and laterally. A fully enclosed, hands-free neck assembly not only makes the Circus simple to adjust, but also ideal for Industrial and Manufacturing environments as well as Cosmetology, Health Spas, Beauty Salons and Clean Room applications where optimal sanitation is sought.
















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