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Accessories for tools

Accessories for tools

Fiam accessories represent a valuable choice because they are designed and built to guarantee long life, great reliability and the best performances of the air and electric tools.These advantages results in less maintenance and repair costs and a considerable increase of the efficiency of the productive cycles. Accessories respect ergonomic criterias and maximum operators safety; they are designed with great attention to environment safeguard. Available in customized version based on the customers requirements, they are able to satisfy every customers need.


Compressed air systems accessories

Compressed air systems accessories

The importance of air ....

Compressed air system and accessories are essential for any manufacturing company since they are key factors to run air tools properly thus influencing productivity and operational costs. The importance of accessories such as FRL groups, the appropriate choice of feeding air hoses, of quick coupling, air feeding adjustment according to working conditions are factors to keep under control in order to prevent downtimes, unexpected breaks and production losses also allowing energetic savings thus lowering overhead costs. Also keep in mind the several ergonomic advantages the use of such accessories brings to the workplaces in terms of environment safeguard and operator's comfort.



Accessories for ergonomic workplaces

A valuable choice for productivity, quality, safety

It is strategically important to design the workplace in a ergonomic and rational way. To do that, parts to be assembled and tools to be used must be easy to collect and handle. Many factors have to be considered in order to design an ergonomic workplace, namely Using last generation tools which phase out from the beginning operators risk factors. They have to be identified in accordance with junction type, fastener type, operators position at workplace (sitting or standing)  Use of accessories can solve specific logistic and productive needs. Accessories need to be specified according to tool type, type and dimensions of workplace, type and dimensions of workpiece.  Accurate design of workplace which has to consider al geometry and encumbrances in order to improve operators comfort, reducing his fatigue (as an example you have to consider the application and operators position if vertical, horizontal)  Check how tools and accessories are used by the operators. Monitoring activities are often essential aiming to optimize productivity while avoiding risky situations for the operators.



  • Balancers


Balancers with built-in supply

Working well, effortless

Indicated to support and to feed air tools. The balancer is provided with a hose that can be connected to the main air feed so that the tool is directly supplied. This suspension device optimizes workplace logistically, eliminating encumbrances of air hoses.



  • Balancing arms

    Balancing arms

    Working on bench effortless

    This balancing arm can be used with air and electric tools with diameters varying from 25 to 50 mm and with a maximum of 50 Nm tightening torque. It ensures very high precision work since the tool is kept perfectly perpendicular to the piece being assembled: therefore it avoids any accidental damages to the materials for a higher quality of the finished product. These devices eliminate torque reaction on operator's hand, the force required to support the tool, the vibrations; they allow the maintenance of a good wrist position, permit to change the hold using both hands. Work can also be carried out horizontally or on two axes at the same time, simply by choosing the specific adapter.


  • BC cartesian arms

     BC cartesian arms

    More ergonomics, more productivity

    Eliminate any reaction on the operators wrist and reduces force needed to hold the tool. For tools having up to 50 mm and up to 7 Kg weight. Supplied with two balancers and universal clamp. Made of tempered and chrome steel for longer lifespan. Their movements running on ball recirculating runners guarantee smoothness, handiness and accuracy. Extreme stability: extension over its entire height and in the rotation at 360 without arm swings. Easy position adjustment of the tool on the horizontal axis by loosening and re-tightening screws in the required position.


  • Carbon telescopic arms

    Carbon telescopic arms

    More ergonomics, more productivity

    Reduce torque reaction on operator's hand. In carbon fibre for every type of tool since extremely resistant to any mechanical stress thus guaranteeing reliability and long life span, thanks to accurate manufacturing process and to their innovative materials. 3 telescopic elements and double terminal coupling to guarantee high handiness and manouvrability. They can be easily installed on existing workplaces on ceiling or wall using a simple plate with reduced dimensions.



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