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Robotic Arm Dispensing Systems

Robotic Arms

TMB100 SCARA Dispensing Robot


TMB100 SCARA Robot with MV-0180NM Valve SCARA is an acronym for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm. This industrial robot technology provides maximum flexibility for complex automatic dispensing applications. The robot arm is multi-jointed similar to a human arm. The model TMB100N-4 also includes a 360%uFFFD tool-rotation. The industrial robot has an automatic dispensing area of 400 x 385mm. The dispensing robot operates above the application and is therefore suited as an assembly robot for conveyors and work cells.

  • Suitable for conveyor, assembly line, and work cell operations
  • Multiple I/O ports for machinery, conveyor, or PLC integration
  • Arm length of 17.32 inches (440mm)
  • Allows customized heating and secondary rotation of parts
  • Heavy-duty robust fabrication
  • Three and four axis models available
  • Teach Pendant and (optional) PC programming

F2004N SCARA Dispensing Robot


F2004N SCARA Robot with 790HPNM Valve A 4 axes high-speed industrial SCARA robot ideal for high volume and large area dispensing applications requiring greater flexibility for automated manufacturing environments, including conveyors and work cells. Can also be used for pick & place applications.

  • Highly rigid frame structure
  • Ideal for form-in-place gaskets, adhesives, potting, coating, filling and pick & place procedures
  • Positioning repeatability 0.020mm
  • Performs continuous path and point-to-point motions
  • AC servo motors
  • Software tip alignment routine for quick program offsets when changing dispensing tips
  • Digital servo controlled motors
  • Multiple I/O communications
  • High speed movement up to 5000mm/sec

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Robotic Arm Dispensing Systems

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