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Mascot Pro Compiler

Mascot Pro Compiler

Mascot Pro Compiler can be used to import a wide range of CAD data formats and in-house BOMs directly into the Mascot programming environment significantly reducing the set-up time for new PCBs.


The compiler can also automatically combine CAD data and BOM data to produce variant builds from a single CAD file.


Native CAD formats supported by Pro Compiler include:


GenCAD, Pads, CADStar, Calay, Protel, Protel 5, Cimbridge, CADIF, Veribest, Mentor Neutral, UniCAM, Fabmaster, PCAD, CircuitCAM, Tango, Gerber Drill Files & ODB


The Pro Compiler can also import files used by other through-hole placement systems including:


Royonics DA3 Files, Blakell LS200, Blakell LS2000, Blakell LS5000, Blakell Rapid, Logpoint LP2 Files & Location files.


The file formats that the Pro Compiler can support are constantly updated, so if you are using a CAD format which is not currently supported please contact us and we will endeavour to write an import.


The Pro compiler includes a template editor which allows users to define their own custom compiler templates to import text files and in-house BOM formats into the Mascot software.

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